Water Proofing Solution

SikaCim® Pink

Liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete, mortar and plaster.


  • Easily dispersible and compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement
  • Minimizes loss of mortar due to rebound in plastering jobs, hence great ease of application and saving
  • Improves water tightness to a great extent
  • Helps in reducing the water content
  • Improves workability without increased
    water content

  • Reduced shrinkage cracks in concrete &
    mortar, better finish

  • Acts to disrupt the leakage causing capillary structures formed in concrete making it water tight and durable
  • Helps in enhancing the strength
  • Makes concrete more cohesive and water tight hence protects steel better against corrosion

Sika® Latex Power

Multipurpose polymer for waterproofing and repair


  • Improves elasticity, flexibility, tensile strength of cement and reduces cracking
  • Makes the mortar waterproof and reduces susceptibility to acids and gases, salt petre action etc.
  • Mortar with Sika® Latex Power shows extremely good bonding to bases like concrete, stone, brick etc.
  • Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout and improves bond of cured injected materials with substrates
  • Sika® Latex Power can be diluted with water (1 : 4 – 6) depending on the type of application
  • Screed required with Sikacim®/ Sika® Plastocrete Super to protect waterproofing layer
  • Standard coating system can be further reinforced by placing Sika®Fab1 fabric layer in between 1st and the 2nd coat.

Sika® Raintite I

Acrylic based multipurpose polymer for repair and waterproofing


  • Improved impermeability against water ingress
  • Extremely good bonding to moist substrates, extremely improved mechanical, flexural strength and abrasion resistance properties
    UV resistant & suitable for external coating

  • When used as an additive to cement based paint improves impermeability, water repellence and anti fungal property of the painted surface (site trials are always advised before application for shade variations, if any)
    Sika® RainTite I can be diluted with water (1 : Nil to 1 : 4) depending on the type of application

  • Screed required with Sikacim®/ Sika® Plastocrete Super to protect waterproofing layer

Sika® Cool Coat

A flexible, liquid applied, single component, uv and weather resistant, acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of exposed roof slabs(new and old),terraces(sloped and flat)


  • Cross linking polymer gives excellent weather resistance and enhances service life.
  • High solar reflectance index (SRI) indicates high degree of cooling effect
  • Crack-bridging
  • High resistance to chloride penetration, hence highly suitable for saline environment.
  • Algae and fungi resistant
  • Highly flexible and Vapour permeable
  • Simple and fast application
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, corrugated asbestos, bitumen,asbestos cement sheet and metal decks
  • Ultra violet rays and weather resistant
  • Eco friendly

SikaTop® Seal-107 IN

It is a two part of acrylic polymer modifid cementitious liquid applied waterproof coating system


  • Easy to apply by brush or in thin trowel applications
  • No additional water is required to make the slurry
  • Pre batched components with consistent quality
  • Hand or Spray applied
  • Easy and fast mixing
  • Increased frost and salt resistance
  • Very good adhesion with sound and prepared substrates
  • Protects concrete against water penetration, chloride and carbonation
  • Non Corrosive to steel and iron
  • Approved for potable water contact
  • Flexible enough to bridge hairline crack
  • Bonds well to all damp substrates
  • Can be applied on reinforced concrete, mortar or masonary

SikaTop® Seal 109 hi

Elastic, liquid applied crack bridging, 2 pack acrylic cementitious waterproofing coating system.


  • Crack-bridging & Elastic
  • Good Impermeability against water ingress
  • Highly water resistant, arrest salt petre and prevent carbonation
  • Extremely good bonding with high abrasion resistance
  • Simple application and fast curing
  • It has excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork and corrugated asbestos cement sheets

Sika® Hibond

Structural bonding agent between old and new concrete.


  • Long pot life and open time allows sufficient time for placement of new concrete
  • Can be applied on moist surface also
  • Once the two components of the material is mixed the material must be used within approx 4 hours.

Sika® WP Shield /SikaBit®

Water based bituminous primer for SikaBit® and Sika® WP Shield range of pre-formed Bituminous Sheet Membranes


  • Excellent bond with concrete, screed mortar, porous stones and lime-concrete substrates
  • Bonds well with old bituminous substrates
  • Effective activation of the surface to receive the waterproofing sheet membrane
  • Specially designed for tropical conditions

Sika® Multiseal

Bituminous sealing tape


  • Very easy to apply
  • Good adhesion to many substrates
  • Weather-proof
  • Self-adhesive
  • Resistant to UV exposure
  • Can be over-painted
  • Can be applied at low temperatures

Sika® Rustoff 100

Sika® Rustoff-100 is a single component liquid that removes rust and prevents further rusting of steel structures by providing a passivating coat.


  • Removes rust
  • Prevents further rusting by providing a passivating coat
  • To be applied with brush, cotton waste swab or spray gun on the affected metal surface
  • Easy to apply since it is in liquid form
  • For repairable structures when applied with brush /spray gun can reach even the most difficult rusted areas with congested reinforcements